Can I open several accounts on NAMIRO website?

No, every client can have only one account.

How can I change password for my NAMIRO account?

In order to change password, go to your account settings and put in necessary data.

Who may be a client of NAMIRO?

Everyone may be a client of Namiro but he/she must be not less 18 years old.

I forgot or lost my account password. How can I restore it?

Please to login page, and use the function of password reset. Click forgot password link.

How can I create an account in this amazing Namiro project?

In order to create an account at Namiro project you have to go to registration page and fill in short form there.

Who are your client and partner?

Anyone who wishes to earn online can become a Bonusstaker of Namiro. Any citizen of any country who has reached maturity can do this.

Can I do a direct deposit from my account balance?

Yes! To make a deposit from your namiro account balance, simply login into your members account and click on Make Deposit and select the Deposit from Account Balance.

What is minimum required amount to deposit?

You can start getting bonus from 100 €.

What payment processors are available for investment?

You can make deposits and withdraw through CreditCards, transfer via Bankaccount, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How can I join namiro with payment by credit card

just follow this instruction to buy bitcoin with your credit card and then you deposit via bitcoin.
here are the instructions in different languages:

English: how_to_start_with_namiro_with_credit_card_ENGLISH

Italian: how_to_start_with_namiro_with_credit_card_ITALIAN

Spanish: how_to_start_with_namiro_with_credit_card_SPANISH

How to deposit via bank transfer?

please send a support request and you get your personal payment details.