Risk Warning

No assurances or guarantees about possible distributions, commissions as well as bonus payments or other income By ticking the box, you will recognize from the company before using the internet portal in the short term “company”, expressly agree and also agree to the following provisions as part of the contract. The company operates the internet portal “Namiro” which can be found at www.namiro.world and also at www.namiro.org

(1) You acknowledge and agree that the company does not make any assurances beyond the contractual provisions, Guarantees or promises of any kind whatsoever about purchase opportunities, distribution options, commission expectations or other bonus payments, income just as little as income of any kind can or can be made. All businesses and especially trading in crypto are always associated with a risk, the loss of the capital used can not be ruled out.

(2) You acknowledge and agree that possible distributions, commissions or other bonus payments, income, and income, should this occur, are purely voluntary, if applicable contractually agreed, services of the company.

(3) Bonus payments: The company offers the possibility of bonus payments. Bonus payments are based on voluntary payments by the company and are dependent on a large number of unforeseeable factors and variables. Bonus payments cannot be guaranteed.

Commissions or other income: All examples of earnings, profits or income, as well as possible results that may arise in connection with the sale of goods, for example by receiving commissions from them, are to be understood only as exemplary representations, assumptions and / or estimates and in no way as an obvious or otherwise probable commission expectation or let alone as a commission or to understand other income guarantees or promises. The commission or other income that can actually be expected from the sale of goods or other services offered can vary widely, or even not at all or only to a very limited extent , as they depend on a large number of unforeseeable personal and economic factors and variables. In particular, the actually expected commissions in the sale of goods or other services offered by the company depend on the sales efforts of the individual acting and require – as in any business activity – a very large and ongoing sales Effort if you want to achieve successful sales in the company and earn reasonable commissions.

(4) Due to previous distributions, commissions, bonus payments or other income, no forecasts or statements can be made about future developments, as these are dependent on a large number of unforeseeable factors and variables.

(5) The company expressly discourages you from deciding to work for the company on distributions, commissions, or other income presented by third parties, as well as on allegedly generated by the company from other sales partners Support commissions, or other earnings or related examples, since this type of job promotion for the company is strictly forbidden to any sales partner according to the contractual requirements, especially since the commissions earned by a sales partner do not compare, duplicate or mirror with the expected result of another sales partner to let.

Translations: The company assumes no liability for translations. In this sense, the translations of the “risk notice” as well as the “terms of use and advertising guidelines” as well as the “general sales partner conditions” are exclusively the German version in the case of disputes. This also applies to all other documents or documents that are put into circulation by the company or its sales partners.