Terms and Conditions

Terms of use and advertising policies

The following terms of use are an integral part of the usage contract for the use of the internet platform between the company herein after referred to as “company”.

1. Conditions of use and obligations

(1) Use of the company’s Internet platform is free and free of charge in the public area . In addition, the company offers  a separate use of the password-protected internal area on the internet platform , for the use of which a registration with the company is required.

(2) As a user, you are prohibited from violating the rights of third parties, harassing third parties or otherwise violating applicable law or public morals when using the website . In particular , you undertake to refrain from the following actions:

  1. Disseminate statements that contain offensive, harassing, violent, glorifying, inflammatory, sexist, obscene, pornographic, racist, morally reprehensible, or otherwise offensive or prohibited content
  2. Insult, molest , threaten, frighten, slander, embarrass other customers, employees or premium partners of the company. Spying, passing on or distributing personal or confidential information of other customers, premium partners or employees of the company or other disregard for the privacy of other customers, employees or premium partners of the company.
  3. Spreading false claims about race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, origin, social status of other customers, employees or premium partners of the company.
  4. Spying, sharing, or distributing company confidential information
  5. Spreading false claims about the company.
  6. Pretending to be an employee of the company or an affiliate or partner of the company;
  7. Use of legally protected images, photos, graphics, videos, music, sounds, texts, brands, titles, names, software or other content and marks without the consent of the right holder or permission by law or legal regulation;
  8. Disseminating statements with advertising, religious or political content;
  9. Use of prohibited or illegal content;
  10. Exploiting programming errors (so-called bugs);
  11. Take measures that lead to an excessive load on the servers
  12. Hacking or cracking and promoting or encouraging hacking or cracking;
  13. Spreading counterfeit software and promoting or stimulating the spread of counterfeit software;
  14. Upload files that contain viruses, Trojans, worms or destroyed data;
  15. Use or distribution of “auto” software programs, “macro” software programs, or other “cheat utility” software programs;
  16. Modify the service or parts thereof;
  17. Use of software that enables so-called “data mining” or intercepts or collects information in connection with the Internet service in some other way
  18. Disruption of transfers from and to the service servers and website servers;
  19. Intrusion into the service server or website server.

(3) The company refers to its house right with regard to the use of its Internet offer and expressly reserves the immediate blocking of the online account, provided one of the obligations set out in (2) or any other applicable law is violated during use.

2. Advertising guidelines for sales partners

These advertising guidelines from the company are expressly part of the sales contract and apply to all advertising and other sales and marketing activities of the sales partner for the company in connection with their goods and distribution system:

(1) Sales partners are responsible for all sales and marketing activities that they comply with all applicable laws and regulations including copyright, trademark, data protection, public, youth protection, or other personal and property rights of third parties. Failure to adhere to the advertising guidelines may result in disciplinary action or termination in accordance with Sections 11 and 16 (2) of the General Sales Partner Conditions, including civil law or, where required, criminal prosecution of the violation.

(2) In particular, the sales partner may not make any statements about his income or the earning opportunities at the company on any advertising material or in any sales or marketing activities . Rather, there is always the obligation to point out potential sales partners in the course of initiation talks that only very few sales partners can achieve a greater or greater income with their work for the company and the generation of an income is only possible through very intensive continuous sales work

(3) It is also expressly prohibited to call the company’s business an interest-generating investment or other financial and / or investment business, since such a name is incorrect and the company’s business is a purely product-related business through sales goods in particular in the software area and not a financial investment transaction.

(4) Sales and marketing activities may not simulate commissions that are to be understood as a “head bonus” or other commission in connection with the mere recruitment of a new distribution partner or otherwise perform actions that give the appearance that the advertised distribution system is an illegal distribution system, namely an illegal progressive pyramid scheme or pyramid scheme or any other fraudulent distribution system.

(5) Sales and marketing activities may not be directed at minors or inexperienced people and under no circumstances use their age, illness or limited insight to induce consumers to conclude a contract. When contacting so-called socially weak or foreign-language groups, the sales partners will take due account of their financial capacity and their insight and linguistic comprehension and, in particular, refrain from doing anything that could cause the members of such groups to place orders that do not correspond to their circumstances .

(6) No sales and marketing activities may be undertaken which are inappropriate, illegal or unsafe or which exert undue pressure on the selected consumers .

(7) Sales partners will only refer to letters of recommendation, test results or other persons for business purposes towards the consumer if  hey are officially authorized by both the reference provider and the company , these must be correct and not outdated. Letters of recommendation, tests and personal references must also always be related to the intended purpose

(8) The consumer will not be prompted to purchase products by dubious and / or misleading promises or by promises of special advantages if these  advantages are linked to future, uncertain successes . The sales partners will refrain from doing anything that could determine the consumer to accept the submitted offer only in order to do the provider a personal favor, end an unwanted conversation or enjoy an advantage that is not the subject of the offer or for to be recognizable for the granting of such an advantage

(9) A sales partner may not claim that the company’s compensation plan or goods are approved or approved or supported by a government agency, or that a law firm classifies them as legally secure .

Status of the terms of use:

Risk warning – No assurances or guarantees about possible distributions, commissions as well as bonus payments or other income By ticking the box, you will recognize from the company before using the internet portal in the short term “company”, expressly agree and also agree to the following provisions as part of the contract. The company operates the internet portal “Namiro” which can be found at www.namiro.world and also at www.namiro.org

(1) You acknowledge and agree that the company does not make any assurances beyond the contractual provisions, Guarantees or promises of any kind whatsoever about purchase opportunities, distribution options, commission expectations or other bonus payments, income just as little as income of any kind can or can be made. All businesses and especially trading in crypto are always associated with a risk, the loss of the capital used can not be ruled out.

(2) You acknowledge and agree that possible distributions, commissions or other bonus payments, income, and income, should this occur, are purely voluntary, if applicable contractually agreed, services of the company.

(3) Bonus payments: The company offers the possibility of bonus payments. Bonus payments are based on voluntary payments by the company and are dependent on a large number of unforeseeable factors and variables. Bonus payments cannot be guaranteed.

Commissions or other income: All examples of earnings, profits or income, as well as possible results that may arise in connection with the sale of goods, for example by receiving commissions from them, are to be understood only as exemplary representations, assumptions and / or estimates and in no way as an obvious or otherwise probable commission expectation or let alone as a commission or to understand other income guarantees or promises. The commission or other income that can actually be expected from the sale of goods or other services offered can vary widely, or even not at all or only to a very limited extent , as they depend on a large number of unforeseeable personal and economic factors and variables. In particular, the actually expected commissions in the sale of goods or other services offered by the company depend on the sales efforts of the individual acting and require – as in any business activity – a very large and ongoing sales Effort if you want to achieve successful sales in the company and earn reasonable commissions.

(4) Due to previous distributions, commissions, bonus payments or other income, no forecasts or statements can be made about future developments, as these are dependent on a large number of unforeseeable factors and variables.

(5) The company expressly discourages you from deciding to work for the company on distributions, commissions, or other income presented by third parties, as well as on allegedly generated by the company from other sales partners Support commissions, or other earnings or related examples, since this type of job promotion for the company is strictly forbidden to any sales partner according to the contractual requirements, especially since the commissions earned by a sales partner do not compare, duplicate or mirror with the expected result of another sales partner to let.

Translations: The company assumes no liability for translations. In this sense, the translations of the “risk notice” as well as the “terms of use and advertising guidelines” as well as the “general sales partner conditions” are exclusively the German version in the case of disputes. This also applies to all other documents or documents that are put into circulation by the company or its sales partners.


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